How To Remove Stains From Oven Racks?

Microwave ovens are so usual to be used in today’s upper and middle-class families, and they come in different sizes and designs. They help the cook to quickly bake a wide variety of food items with less hassle. Along with saving time of the baker, it also offers delicious food within much lesser efforts. It becomes necessary to regularly wash and scrub the accessories of the oven, especially the oven racks. These are sort of grilled trays, and the food vessel is placed over it for baking.

These are a few points to follow for a fine cleaning are:

Use of baking soda: Sodium bicarbonate does wonder in the process of vanishing stubborn grease stains from the oven racks, and it comes at a lower price as well. There is no requirement of purchasing any specific cleaner for racks. Pour baking soda directly over the frame and wash deeply with clean water. For more information about kitchen racks on

An old toothbrush: The trays are made of metallic thin, mostly circular pipes that can be scrubbed with the help of any brush. Just dip the brush in any dishwasher liquid and rub it till the stains get wholly removed.

Lime and salt: This is a home remedy used since ages to clean any grim and crease. The citric acid in the lime helps in getting rid of the marks very quickly. And salt adds brownie points to it. Squeeze one lemon or lime in a bowl and add few pinches of salt. Mix them and use a clean towel to rub against the oven racks.

Note: It is not proved right to delay the cleaning of oven racks. Although the food is prepared in a vessel, it is vital to clean the racks too. Otherwise, it might lead to some severe bacterial issues with the food that will be made on dirty oven racks.