Traditional Indian Wedding

An Indian marriage is a vast event, extraordinarily colourful and very outstanding worn a lot of pomp and concert. The wedding started at least a week in advance. The visitor, get jointly, the carol and dance all are part of this celebration. The bearer also purchases the matching promise rings for couples because it is one of the essential things required in a marriage.

It is no silent affair by any means and is one of the most momentous events in the life of every Indian mother, father, daughter, son, brother and sister or the family engaged in it.

During the marriage period, the Indian culture wedding is all most celebrate as like a festival in their families. The bride and the groom are very excited about the ceremony taking place and create an aura of joy and enthusiasm.

The greeting is a common sight at Indian weddings and the wedding starts, and the couples change their rings and put the ring to the other, it is a promise of love and trust, and all the rest ceremonies are taking place. Get more interesting details about matching promise rings for couples on

Rituals during the couple exchange ceremony

Both the husband and wide are ornamented using the utmost valuable trinkets and costumes. The expense, glory and presentation present it as an exorbitant undertaking. Apart from the grandeur and play the entire atmosphere pertaining to an Indian wedlock is bright, colourful and grand. It is a custom do the bridegroom family, relatives and friends to reach the bride’s house in a procession, accompanied by a band, with the groom, riding a mare, dressed as Prince, wearing a garland.

The bearer also presents the bride with a couple ring in accordance with their traditional culture and offers it has a gift to the newly married couple because it is a sign of procession.