What Are The Types Of Garage Doors Installed In Houses?

There are many different types of door that are installed in almost every household, and it depends upon the house owner of which type of door they want to put up in their garage.

Many times garage door repair is a must but instead of doing these most people tend to change the door which they have put up in their garage and this tends to seem more costly than repairing the door itself.

Here is the list of different type of door:-

  • Sectional garage door:-

This is a popular type of garage door in the USA as it is remote controlled and consists of the panel which is joined by hinges and also they roll upward with the help of the wheel when they open and downwards when they close.

  • Roll-up garage:-

This garage door is only possible when there is an availability of ceiling space inside the wall as this type of door is only found more in a commercial area where you have a space in celling and is used mainly by warehouses and factory doors.

  • Slide to side door:-

This door is also used in the residential area due to the presence of space in their garage, and the door will open to the side not upwards as normal doors do. If you want to get more details about emergency door services, you may check out urbangaragedoorservice.

  • Side-hinged door:-

These are old fashioned double door system which will require you to open them up by yourself as they are opened manually and are attached using hinges not automatic system.

  •  Up and over canopy door:-

These are made by one huge sheet of metal and is installed on the roof of the garage so that the door is opened automatically using a machine and is stored upward.

I hope you get the information you were searching for in this article.